Stop-motion/Scribe videos

Client: Clean Air Partners (while employed at PRR)

Clean Air Partners promotes Car-Free Day every year in November. PRR was hired to create a new, fun video to promote the event and encourage participation. In collaboration with the video and multimedia team, I created PRR’s first stop-motion/scribe video hybrid. In addition to the full video, we created a short trailer for Car-Free Day. The results were so well received that out client has since hired us to produce two additional videos in this style.
The Car-Free 2015 scribe video is PRR's first scribe and stop-motion animation.
Storyboards for Car-Free Day 2015
In addition to the full animation, we created a short trailer for the day. This was published on our client's social media channels a few days before Car-Free day to draw attention to the upcoming day.
Our client enjoyed the scribe videos so much that they hired PRR to update the video for Car-Free Day 2016, and create an additional video for Air Quality Awareness Week.

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