When I was attending Shoreline Community College, I was often at the Lynnwood Transit Center (to commute both to school and to work). I was, and still am, appalled by the overall lack of courtesy and common sense shown by my fellow commuters. These two projects were a way for me to vent my frustration in a comical (and sometimes a bit offensive) way (student work).
Transit Center Logistics - A Humorous decision tree for proper behavior at the transit center. This was my more "polite" way of venting.
I created the concept of the "World Self-Awareness Team", and produced this Transit Center Guidelines for transit center "do's" and "dont's". Riddled with sarcasm and laced with the occassional cuss word, this was my "less polite" way of venting my frustration.
Perhaps my biggest frustration at the transit center was the rampant inability to properly park within two parallel lines. I designed these snarky cards, which would be meant to be left on the perpetrator's windshield for when he or she returned to his or her car.

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