Lost in Memory

A series of oil monoprints created from memory

There's an inevitable disconnect between the actual physical spaces in which we live out our lives and the memories we associate with them. The amount of information we can accurately and objectively recreate is limited; the rest is subjectively constructed by memory, emotion, and experience.

These prints are an attempt at exploring that disconnect. I begin each work by painting a place as I remember it, using color to express the emotions I associate with that place. I then create a "print" of the painting by laying a sheet of paper over the wet paint, rubbing and pressing it evenly to get a good imprint, and then removing the paper. A great deal of information is lost between the original painting in the print. The print, like a memory, then becomes an entity of its own, a ghost of the original.
12" x 9"
Oil "monoprint"
12" x 9"
Oil on paper
Summer Morning
16" x 20"
Oil "monoprint"
Winter Morning
16" x 20"
Oil on paper

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