City of Issaquah

Client: City of Issaquah (while employed at PRR)

Client: City of Issaquah, WA (while employed at PRR)

A recent survey revealed that the number one source of dissatisfaction for Issaquah residents is high-congestion traffic. The City has been taking steps to improve transportation infrastructure in the city, including plans for a new transit center, increased bus routes, additional freeway lanes and shoulders, and, eventually, extension of the light rail to the area. PRR was hired to create an animation to inform residents of the transportation improvements that are in the works.

As part of the animation, The City wanted an aerial image that not only showed some of Issaquah’s most iconic landmarks, but also included future transportation improvements. Using various photographs of landmarks and google maps, I created the base illustration for the animation. The iconic buildings can be recognized easily by Issaquah residents. In collaboration with PRR’s video and multimedia team, I developed different assets needed to help tell the story throughout the animation.

Role: Graphic designer, Illustrator

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