Meet the Chemical Crew, a group of chemicals coming together to educate teens and pre-teens on the health hazards of vaping. Escape the Vape!

Role: Character Concept artist, Illustrator
In recent years the number of teens and pre-teens using E-cigarettes has been increasing dramatically. As a result, Public Health Services of King County (PHSKC) hired PRR to design and implement a Teen Vaping Prevention Campaign.
We created a campaign centered around educating teens about the health dangers of vaping. To do so, we personified different chemicals that are either used in vape juices or found in the steam (as by-products of heating the liquid). Each character has a personality, and they are upset and disappointed to find out that they are being inhaled voluntarily.
I designed the characters, created animated gifs for the website, and illustrated all assets for the animations.
You can view the full campaign at

Debby H. Sung - Creative Director
Benjamin Eisman - Designer
Initial character concepts and sketches
Final character designs and sample GIF animations

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