Research has shown that many people in the Puget Sound area are either unaware of Shoreline or have a negative perception of the city. Our role was to create a fun and engaging marketing campaign to not only debunk negative perceptions of the city, but also educate people of the many benefits of living in Shoreline.

As part of the overall marketing campaign, PRR developed the "Surprised by Shoreline" microsite. Debby Sung, Senior Designer for the campaign, developed the overall look and feel. As supporting designer, I created infographics, maps and playful hover effects for the website. I was also solely responsible for illustrating the “Squatch’s Summer Saturday in Shoreline” coloring book, which was then translated into Spanish.

Surprised by Shoreline website, showing normal and hover states for each tile.

Infographic showing the many public transportation options available to Shoreline residents.

Infographic highlighting the financial benefits of living in Shoreline.

Infographic showing demographic data for the City of Shoreline (including some very fuzzy data)

Pages from the coloring book

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