Role: Storyboard artist and illustrator

Elizabeth River Tunnels, in Virginia, has been making major transportation improvements to help ease congestion through the Hampton Roads Area. As they near completion the new MLK Expressway, PRR was tasked with producing an animation highlighting the benefits of this project and explaining how it will connect two heavily-transited tunnels.

The audience for this animation was not limited to Hampton Roads area residents, it was also meant to be an informative resource for visitors to the region. Taking this into consideration it was very important to provide geographical context and emphasize how the new roadway connections and travel alternatives this project made available.

The illustrated map seen in the animation has also been used in a series of print ads.

Sample stills used to establish the overall look and feel of the animation.

Sample animated sequence of heavy traffic building up.

Proposed animated sequence showing how different people will all benefit from infrastructure improvements in the region.

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