Role: Storyboard artist, Illustrator

The City of Issaquah is home to state-of-the art sports medicine facilities and clinics. PRR was hired to produce an animation to encourage other practitioners to bring their clinics to the area.
Our goal was to focus on patient recovery –rather than injury– and ease of access to care. Working from a preliminary script, I hand-drew the storyboard and established the overall playful tone of the animation. Once the initial concept was approved, I moved into creating digital illustrations for each scene.  As we moved into animation, I provided feedback and suggestions for our animator.

The final product is a lighthearted and humorous animation that will be used by the City for potential business recruitment.

Initial hand-drawn storyboard.

Opening scene introducing some of the outdoor activities Issaquah has to offer.

Sample animated sequence of a cyclist crashing after hitting a bump on the trail.
Our client wanted to focus on different patient recovery stories. Using a split screen we are able to follow two different patients on their recovery journey.
One of the final scenes, showing recovered patients ready to jump right back into their favorite activity.
To add a bit more flare and humor to the animation, a cyclist performs a crazy stunt in the closing scene.

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